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Please fill out this form if you are looking for a particular Act or Novelty item on a certain date or within a particular price range. We are not able to make any promises but this will enable us to check artist / novelty availability.

There is a lot of information to fill out here but this is vital for us to provide you with the highest quality entertainment. A few moments spent now will make your event flawless and ensure it is one to be remembered.

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Please use the spaces below to let us know the number of entertainers and the name of the act / novelty item you are requesting.

QTY DESCRIPTION (name of act or  novelty item )

Have you used our agency before?
How did you found out about us?

What types of entertainment do you normally book?
What  other agencies do you work with?
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How soon are you going to make a decision?

1 - today, 2 - less than one week, 3 - two weeks, 4 - three weeks, 5 - more than one month

What Price range are you looking to keep your entertainment with in? Please remember you are going to get what you pay for and then some. All we ask is for people to be realistic and fair.

1 - $150 - $500, 2 - $500 - $1000, 3 -$1000 - $2000, 4 -$2000 - $4000, 5 - more than $4000.00

How important is it to have high quality entertainment at your event? 1 being of the utmost importance and 5 being not really that important at all.

please give us any other needed information.

This for will be confirmed once you click "Submit Form". Please make sure everything is correct before you submit this for as it will all be cleared once you submit it.

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