Grand Illusions


 Bring a little bit of Las Vegas to your next event. 

    A fusion of music, romance, choreography, and theatrics will keep your audience buzzing long after the curtain drops. This is the stuff that people talk about years later. The lights, the glitz, and the spectacle, and most of all the stage illusions.

     These illusions are all accompanied by music. The Magic of Virgil comes prepared with a full sound system. New Illusions are being added to the show annually. Check out the awesome Illusions available this year.


Virgil is the only know performer world-wide that performs this illusion his way. Virgil has combined two of Harry Houdini's original illusions into one spectacular effect.  This illusion must be performed inside with special lighting conditions. 

  Description -    He is strapped into a straight jacket. He then steps into a large packing crate. The lid is placed on top and pad locked on all four sides. His assistant stands on top of the box and holds a curtain at her hip level. On the quick count of three the curtain is tossed up into the air. When it hits the floor Virgil is on perched on top of the box and the girl is gone. Virgil then jumps down, unlocks the locks, and takes the lid off the crate. The girl is inside the crate as well as all locked up in the straight jacket. Upon Virgil removing the jacket it is seen that the girl has also changed her clothing. 



    Totally Tubular

This illusion is top notch. It can be performed anywhere, in any lighting conditions, and completely surrounded by spectators. 

    Description -      A nicely painted blue box stands on a base with four metal legs. The front door opens and the beautiful assistant sits inside. The door is the closed. A large cookie - cutter like tube is jammed through the bottom of the box from side to side. Another tube is put in the top portion from front to back. After the illusion is spun again ten spikes are shoved into it from all directions. Top to bottom, side to side , and from front to back. After the spikes are removed from the box the illusion is spun one last time. The front door opens and the girl steps out unharmed,  with different clothing on, and is holding a bright blue dove. 


   Crystal Casket

This illusion has just been added to the show as of this year. A small glass box sits on a thin black base and that sits alone on an empty stage. Really erie / romantic music plays and I walk out on stage holding a small piece of paper. I light the paper and out of the flames  a rose appears. I place the rose inside the glass box and place the lid on. I cover it up with this really cool looking sparkly purple cloth and then spin the illusion around once. I then pull off the material and inside lies Jeanette. This is a real Jaw Dropper.

Syracuse Crunch Hockey Game , Center ice

College Performance


Chair Suspension

Two regular fold up chairs are facing each other on stage. A board is placed on top of them across the backs. I then ask a small lady or child to come sit on the board. I cover them up with a small cloth, and take the board out from underneath them. They float there between the two chairs. I then take away the chair that is at their feet. They are suspended in mid air just connected to the head chair.

Photos will be coming soon.


Based on the Japanese art of paper folding, a tiny box sitting on a small table is unfolded and an assistant steps into the box. Then the box is folded back down into a small 12 inch square cube. As if this was impossible enough then three samurai swords are then thrust into the cube. The table is spun around showing all sides and then the swords are removed and the cube is opened up large again the assistant steps out of the box unharmed and with different clothes on.

Photos will be coming soon.

Cube Zag

a crazy looking box is opened and a lady steps in. the doors are shut and a large blade is thrust in dissecting the box. then two large tubes are passed through the box leaving no room for a human to fit. Just when you think there is no way she can still be within the box her hand emerges holding a small handkerchief. the magician takes the silk from her and changes the color from black to yellow and hands the silk back to the assistant within the box. After the tubes and blade is removed the assistant exits the box wearing a bright yellow costume. She was previously wearing a black cat suit.

Photos will be coming soon.

Door Production

A door stands in te middle of the stage on its frame. The magician opens the door and shows the curtain hanging from the top to the bottom. The curtain is opened and all is shown to be empty. The curtain and door is closed and the magician knocks on it. the door magically knocks back. the door and curtain is opened back up and there his assistant has magically appeared on an otherwise empty stage. This is great to make your CEO appear at a sales event or corporate function.

Photos will be coming soon.


We have just added new large stage illusion to the show. More information and pictures will be coming soon.