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Name:  Dutch Magill

As President of the New York State Magistrates Association, I was invited to the Banquet of the Onondaga County Magistrates Association.  Virgil was the entertainment for the evening.  He is one of the best magicians that I have seen.  I have watched many magicians and you will definitely enjoy the entertainment that Virgil provides.  The thing missing was Jeanette since she was at home with their new child.  Maybe the next time I see Virgil, she will be there too.

Name:  Edith Campbell

I saw you in Las Vegas. Great show. Thanks.

Name:  Chris

Hi Virgil, I'm Chris.  I go to school at Waynesburg College and saw your show.  Great stuff man, especially that last illusion.  The rope was cool too, I never actually saw a magician in person before, its nuts to see it right before your eyes and not on tv.  Good luck in all your travels and make sure you come back to Waynesburg.

Name:  Vicky

Hi! I watched your show @ RFA! it was really great! I like your website too! Keep up the goodwork!

Name:  Kate Lafferty


I just stumbled upon this site and what a nice surprise it was to see how successful you have become with your magic!! I graduated with you in 1994 and remember when you used to do magic tricks in school.  Good for you, good luck in the future! ; )

Kate L

Name:         mary and stan lighthall

we just saw a performance and thought it was awesome!! it was for my nephew. really good with the kids and the adults.

Name:        Melanie Proper

Hi Virgil! I just wanted to say that you are very talented. I have seen a few of your shows. Great website by the way!

Name:  Erin Marshall

Hey, I go to Roxboro Road Middle School in Syracuse (for those of you who know me!). I saw your show. When I went in I was thinking, "Oh, brother. It's going to be the principal dressed up in a funny costume and TRYING to do card tricks." But it wasn't that at all. It was great. My teacher couldn't stop laughing. And it wasn't just illusions, you made some pretty funny jokes, too!  it was just too funny!!!

Name:  Cassandra Hatalak

thought the show was great, and I had a really fun time watching the magic tricks!  Thank You!!!

Name:  Olivia

I just saw you at my school in Canastota and thought that you were awesome!
You did one of your illusions with Chauna a good friend of mine

Name:        Nancy

I liked it when my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Berti, went up there with her ring and it was gone. That was  the BEST MAGIC SHOW EVER:)! (And I mainly don't like magic shows- but I liked yours!)

Name:  Katelyn Newman

The show was fantastic. Last night was the greatest show

Name:  Cait

Hey Virgil! Dude your awesome! Me and my friend saw you at the Little Worlds fair in NY. Hope To see you again next year. YOU ROCK!

Name:        Barry Goodson

Hey Virg- I especially loved that Bermuda rope routine you did at Spaghetti Warehouse.It was so elegant and impossible looking. I saw the reactions of the crowd. Very impressive.

Name:  Mallory

Virgil you rock...i saw you in the middle of august at a fair in Grahmsville, NY, I'm from Staten Island NY... hope to see you again next year...

Name:  Mike

HEY! This guy is the real thing! I met him at school sponsored event at Radford VA. You can't go wrong with THE MAGIC OF VIRGIL.

Name:    Jeanette Dexter

I caught one of your shows at The New York State Fair on labor day. Your show was really great and i have never seen magic up close like that before. I really liked it when you got the audience involved in the act.

Name:  Sandra Phipps

Virgil was just here in Roswell, the dust bowel, New Mexico.  I saw the kid version and the extended version.  I enjoyed both types of shows.  I took my husband and kids to see the second one because I saw the kid one and just had to see it again.  Thank you so much for the entertainment. SP

Name:  Edith Campbell

I saw you in Las Vegas. Great show. Thanks.

Name:    Tyler Sheffield

 Hi, my name is Tyler Sheffield. I was at your show on Dec.14,03 and I loved it. In fact my brother liked it so much we started doing magic. My favorite part was when you made the girl float. I hope I can see you do magic again. If you have time please write back.                                
                          Sincerely ,
                          Tyler Sheffield (I am nine)

Name:     Carrie Baird

we saw virgil @ silverstar x-mas party He was very cool!!! He made my daughter float in the air she was the little blonde girl with glasses .  thank you so much for a great show especially in the snow storm. carrie baird.

Name:  Hayley

Such an amazing performer. It's nice to see that traditional performers still love the magic of the illusionary world. I loved watching your performance. Good luck with your newborn and many he learn to be just as wonderful as you are.

Name:   Kaitlyn B

Your show was really great! I had tons of fun so did my mom and aunt.

Name:  donna sweet

my husband and i caught your show in norwich and were very entertained. you called frank up to help you and it made his night..thanks.

Name:  Rhett Genung

kick a** site! Great show Saturday man, It was pleasure and a honor to work with u man. Looking forward to working together again! Best of luck!


Name:  Nancy Windhausen

Dear Virgil,
 I am so glad to see you have become so successful with your magic. My son Matt Knows you from High School and also remembers when I had you do show for me in my back yard in summer of 1992. I have always enjoyed your performance, keep up the good work.

Name:  Scotty Matthews

Hi Virgil,

Great Website.  Your clear personal commitment to magic, and your fellow magicians is admirable.

Best Wishes!    Scotty Matthews

Name:  Justina

Hi, I'm a senior at ESM high school, I saw your show there on June 4th 2004 and I must say it was an excellant show. I'm really glad you were there again this year for my last ESM Day, it will be a day i will always remember. The trick you performed we awsome and left me wondering how they were done, for example the tubular experience, i think you called it, when your wife got into the box and you put the hollow squares and the poles through it, that was my favorite because there is no way I could figure it out. Well thank you for being a part of our ES-M Day and I hope to see one of your shows again soon.

Name:  amanda

your performance at ESM High School on June 4,2004 was the best one i have ever since I was little.

Name:     amanda allen

Hi! Not only is your website awesome but you and Nikki are GREAT! When you guys performed at my school on june 4,2004 (ESM) that was the best show ever. I think you and Nikki should perform on August 30,2004 at The New York State Fair. Not only because i liked you guys but also because it is my birthday on August 30 i'll be 16 and i want to see you and Nikki perform. Thank you! If you could email me back that would great. Thank you again!

Username:         Nancy Fritcher

Hello Virgil:

Just writing to tell you what an awesome performance you gave my 4th graders today. Some comments from them:

Nicholette: box trick was great
Nash: good show!
Zach: the box trick was freaky (but freaky in a good way)
Josh: the box trick was neat
Chris: box trick was pretty cool
Heather: good
Chanda: i liked it all
Tabitha: really cool performance
Jennifer: really, really, cool
Heather: the girl in the box trick was my favorite
Margaret: I loved it
Kim: I like the one where Paige was in a box
Alex: I loved it- and the girl in the box
Linsay: My favorite part was with the bird
Cody: I think it was cool- I have some magic sets- but, I still don't get the part with the girl in the box
Ryan: I thought it was the greatest!
Breanna: The girl in the box was great

Thanks you for not only being great entertainment but having a positive message as well.

Nancy Fritcher

PS: I told the students to look for you at the State Fair this year...

Name:  Billybob

Those tickets at the Tyler County Fair was worth every penny and then some....You are a great person with some wonderful magic and hope to see you again at the Tyler County Fair

Name:  Marc Schauer

hey virgil i love your show at roxboro middle school on june 21,2004 i was wondering how u did that last trick with rachel in the box.i like magic too. i have a magic set. i love it! and i was wondering how u did the bird thing. that was so cool. i will u come agian and have a spectacular magic life. email me back please?!?!?!?!?

Name:  amanda allen

hey! i absolutely loved watching you.  I loved it so much that i was wondering if you would be interested in coming to perform at our back to school carnaval in august.  if you write me back or call i would appreciate it extremly. Thank you!

Name:  Greg Billing

Saw your show in Ithaca, NY and was very impressed with your charasmatic personality and witted routine.  I was one of the jugglers warming up the crowd in the lobby before the show and during intermission.  Always impressed with magicians with real talent for their skill.  Thanks

Name:  Charity

Hey! John and I enjoyed your show very much.  Thanks for picking me - John said the mask was classic :).  Will look for your show next year at the NYS Fair.  Thanks again! Charity

Name:  Julie Paschall/Dominguez

   Virgil, I work at the front desk at the Ramada in Roswell and you know who I am. I just wanted to write to surprise you with my praise for your work. Good luck with everything and may God Bless you and your family. See you next fair time.
        ---Julie Paschall/Dominguez
         Ramada Assistant Manager. Roswell, NM.

Name:  tom berckes

i really enjoyed your show at the enmur campus in roswell new mexico and so did my nephew lee.  thanks for a great time and i hope to see you agian next year or very soon.
tom berckes

Name:  Tina Rhodes

We saw you last year and this year at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair.  You are really awesome!!!!!!  Last year you wife was pregnant.  What did you guys have???  You are really awesome and I wish you would come back.  Good luck in your endeavors and be safe.


Tina Rhodes
Hagerman, New Mexico

Name:   Collin Lee

Virgil, I saw u on Saturday Oct.16,2004 at the gingerbread house daycare center. I have 2 tell u that was the best magic I have seen in person before. everyone was talking about all night. I hope 2 see u again in person somewhere. thanks for the good times.

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