Magic Profile


The Magic of Virgil began over  two decades ago, and has blossomed into a magical encounter for the future. At the young age of nine Virgil became interested in the wonderful world of magic, but it wasn't until the age of fifteen that he knew entertaining was his passion for life.

In the beginning, Virgil began doing "Tricks" for family members and fellow schoolmates. After a while, others started talking about what Virgil could do. Time after time, Virgil was asked to, "Show my friend here a trick." Then after, "How did you do that?" Since this was heard so often Virgil wondered if he could earn a living using his magical talent. From that point on Virgil made it his goal to become a professional Magician. He began investing every penny, as well as his father's pennies, into his love. He practiced his manipulations every waking moment. He first began showcasing his act at birthday parties, churches, and schools. After much more practice he developed a unique manipulation/dove act that took him to Columbus, Ohio in the spring of 1994. There, at the young age of 18, he competed in the National Stage Manipulation Adult Competition. Out of the nationwide group of competitors, Virgil placed third. After such an accomplishment, Virgil has competed in numerous level competitions in which he has received awards in all categories. After competing for one year, Virgil was booked at every Magic Convention and multi-act show throughout New York State for the next two years.

Since then Virgil has fine tuned his act to bring you a dynamic show that you will be talking about long after the curtain closes. Virgil uses a combination of music, romance, choreography, and theatrics that will leave you breathless. Virgil is currently performing at casinos, colleges, corporate conventions, as well as for a multitude of other occasions. Virgil performs Nationwide and has traveled to Russia, Mexico, England, all over Canada, and most recently Bermuda. Whatever your entertainment needs may be, from close-up sleight of hand to large stage illusion shows, The Magic of Virgil will astound, mystify, and thoroughly entertain you and your audiences.


"Dream the Magic Alive"