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The following pages contain pictures from various events.

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These are some pictures of Virgil and Jeanette from a recent photo shoot
Virgil thought it was funny to see a name of a city called "Accident" so he took this picture. Little did he know that he would be in his own "accident" a few days later when a lady decided to run a red light and slam into his magic mobile.


It took Virgil 28 days to get the truck fixed due to no planes flying in needed parts because of  9/11

Virgil and Jeanette stopped visited NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. The following are pictures taken of the aftermath of 9/11

Our hearts go out to all those that have been affected by this tragedy.


The new NYC skyline

Virgil and Jeanette always take the time to sign autographs and meet their fans after shows

Virgil with "Cooter" from the Dukes of Hazzard Virgil with recording artist Jennifer Page Virgil performing for recording artist Shaggy - Mr. Boombastic Virgil performing for recording artists PM DAWN Virgil with Shania Twin Virgil with the one and only BB King
rock_truck_1.jpg (29786 bytes)
Virgil with the one and only BB King Virgil with Jennifer Page, PM Dawn and Inner Circle

Virgil with the Monster Truck "The Rock"

Virgil with the Monster Truck  "Bearfoot"

Virgil winning the Magician of the Year 2000 Award Virgil Floats $100.00 bill
Here are a few from Virgil's trip performing in Chicago, IL. child_laugh.jpg (27707 bytes)
Looking off stage at Big Butler Fair, Prospect, PA at dusk card fan Chicago River Out the Hotel Monaco window Virgil performing at a children's hospital in Bermuda
autographs.jpg (12317 bytes) Virgil signing autographs after one of his grand performances at the City Hall Theater in Hamilton, Bermuda.  Click here to see more pictures of that event. The following are a few pics during Virgil's trip to perform in Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City.




This happened in MD on the way to SOLD OUT shows   Virgil and Jeanette still made it in time for the shows.
Virgil and Jeanette performing center ice for the Syracuse Crunch hockey team  





  Virgil with Carol Baldwin at a Breast Cancer Fundraiser. None of the Baldwin Boys were in attendance.

To contact the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, please use the following contact information.

PO Box 600
Stony Brook, NY 11790
Tel: (631) 444-4300 Fax: (631) 444-4316

E-mail: aline@mail.techpark.sunysb.edu


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